Alamannic belt buckle from Orsingen-Nenzingen, around 600 AD.

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Belt buckle of a weapon belt from Orsingen-Nenzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in Animal Style II decoration from around 600 AD. Original brass tinned The set includes buckle and counter plate. The eyelets on the back, which can be found in most belt buckles of the time, are pushed through the belt leather and secured with small wooden wedges. Metal attachment aids have not yet been found on any of these buckles – so they must have been made of perishable materials. This system has proven itself very well in today’s practical tests. The rivets visible on the front side of the buckle are purely decorative. Buckle length 13 cm, counter plate length 9.6 cm. For a belt width of about 4.2 cm.

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Brass, Brass tinned