As of Caligula (37-41 AD)


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As of Caius Ceasar Augustus Germanicus, 37-41 AD. Caligula (“soldier’s boots”) was his nickname because he spent much of his childhood in the camps of his father, the general Germanicus Iulius Caesar (15 BC – 19 AD). He ascended the imperial throne at the age of 24.

Front head of Germanicus to the left, GERMANICUS CAESAR TI(berius) AUGUST(us) F(ilius) DIVI AUG(ustus) N(oster).

Reverse S(enatus) C(onsulto) in field, surrounding C(aius) CAESAR AUG(gustus) GERMANICUS PON(tifex) M(aximus) TR(ibunicia) P(otestate). Counterstamp with CIN lower right.

As, bronze, diameter 27 mm, struck between 37-38 AD in Rome, in honor of his father Germanicus.



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