Denarius by C. Fonteius (114 – 113 BC)


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Obverse Janus-shaped double head of the Dioscuri with laurel wreaths, below an S in the left field, a star-shaped token in the right field.

Back C(aius) FONT(eius) top, bottom ROMA. In between, a galley with oarsmen, superstructure and helmsman.

The mint master of this denarius, C. Fonteius, came from Tusculum, a town in the Alban Mountains southeast of Rome. The city was the main center of the cult of the Dioscuri in Lazio. The reverse probably shows the legendary arrival of Telegonos, the founder of Tusculum on the Latin coast. Telegonus is the son of Odysseus, whom he fathered with the sorceress Kirke on the mythical island of Aiaia.

Denarius, silver, diameter 19 mm, minted in Rome in 114/113 BC.

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