Double denarius (“Antoninian”) of Caracalla (198 – 217 AD)


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Obverse head with crown of rays to the right, ANTONINUS PIUS AUG(ustus) GERM(anicus) .

Back of Sol standing to the left with his hand raised to the left, holding a whip in his left hand. P(ontifex) M(aximus) TR(ibunicia) P(otestate) XX CO(n)S(ulis) IIII P(ater) P(atriae).

Double denarius (“Antoninian”), silver, diameter 22 mm, minted in Rome 217 AD.

From Caracalla’s coinage reform (214/215), the Antoninian became the most minted coin in the Empire. It had the nominal value of two denarii, but its fine silver content was only worth 1.5 denarii from the outset. In the course of the following decades, the weight and value were further reduced, so that around the year 270 it still owned about 3% silver and was thus de facto only a bronze coin.




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