Dupondius of Nero (54-68 AD)


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Obverse Head to right, NERO CLAUD(ius) CAESAR AVG(gustus) GER(manicus) P(ontifex) M(aximus) TR(ibunicia) P(otestate) IMP(erator) P(ater) P(atriae).

Reverse MAC(ellum) AUG(usta), in lower section S(enatus C(onsulto). The Macellum Magnum (great market) was inaugurated by Nero in 59 AD and renovated after the great fire in 64 AD. The central area with dome was intended for the sale of fish and had water basins and drains for this purpose. The flanking arcades had a wide variety of stores on two levels. Vespasian later completely rebuilt the site during his reign, so we only have knowledge of the appearance of this building through this coin of Nero.

Dupondius, brass, diameter 28 mm, minted between 64 to 67 AD in Lyon (Lugdunum). Replica in brass.

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