Germanic belt buckle from Lauffen, around 400 AD.


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Belt buckle with strap end from an early Alamannic woman’s burial near Lauffen, Heilbronn district, Germany. In addition to this belt buckle, this richly furnished burial from around 400 AD also contained a pair of fibulae no. 993, a silver ring similar to that of no. 632, a large silver hairpin coated with gold sheet, several necklaces made of glass and amber, and 2 melon beads , a Cypraea snail shell, ceramic dishes, a bone comb, a wooden box with iron fittings and food accessories. Length of the buckle 4,5 cm, Length of the strap end 3 cm. For a belt width of 1.9 cm, original made of brass. Matching rivets are included.

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