Rare aureus of Postumus (260 – 269 AD)


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Obverse Head to the right in three-quarter portrait , POSTUMUS AVG(ustus).

Reverse SALUS POSTUMI AUG(usti). Salus is standing with a snake on his arm to the right, right next to him is Asclepius with his snake staff looking to the left.

Aureus, gold, diameter 20 mm, minted possibly in LUGDUNUM (Lyon) around 265 AD.

The replica is made of silver and plated with a very thick layer of gold, which is 10 microns. This coin is a replica of an aureus, of which there are so far only 2 known pieces in the world: One in the Staatliche Münzsammlung Munich and another in Paris, in the Cabinet des Medailles. Another special feature is the depiction of the head in a three-quarter portrait – otherwise emperors are almost always depicted in a side view only.

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silver gold plated