Roman Priapos statuette from Heddernheim, 2. – 3rd century AD


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Roman Priapos statuette from Frankfurt/Main-Heddernheim (Vicus “NIDA”). 2nd until 3rd century AD. The bringer of blessings and warding off disaster, Priapos, a fertility god who came from the east of the empire, was depicted with an oversized erect phallus and a basket of fruit. He is dressed in a short-stemmed tunic, under the hem of which the mighty phallus protrudes, ankle-length tight pants, a long falling cloak, which is closed in the chest area (paenula) and shoes. On his head, the long-bearded god also wears a cloth-like covering that falls in folds to the back waist (mitre). Original bronze; height with base 9.6 cm.

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