Roman belt plate from Augst, mid 1st century AD

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Belt plate for a military belt, mid 1st century AD. This plate, originally stamped from a thin sheet of brass and then tinned, was found in the early Imperial Roman fort of Augst (AUGUSTA RAURICA), Switzerland. Plate No. 0268b was found nearby and is similar in decor and of the same size. Possibly both types were used alternately for one belt. This type of plates is particularly found in Roman forts along the Rhine river. Width of the plate with spheres is 5.1 cm, without spheres 4 cm. The replicas are cast and therefore somewhat thicker and heavier than the originals; on request, the plates can also be manufactured using the original technique. Plate length 5.4 cm.
Suitable buckles are No. 0002, No. 0488, No. 0617, No. 0870 or No. 0984. Matching rivets in brass or tin-plated brass are included.

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Brass, Brass rough cast, Brass tinned

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