Sestertius of Claudius (41 – 54 AD)


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Obverse Head of Agrippina the Elder to the right, AGRIPPINA MF GERMANICI CAESARIS.

Reverse TI(berius) CLAUDIUS CAESAR AVG(gustus) GERM(anicus) P(ontifex) M(aximus) TR(ibunicia) P(otestate) IMP(erator) P(ater) P(atriae). In field S(enatus) C(onsulto). Agrippina the Elder was the mother of Emperor Caligula and was exiled by his predecessor, Emperor Tiberius, to the island of Pandataria, where she died in AD 33. Since she was the granddaughter of Emperor Augustus, Claudius had her minted on coins in his later years in order to show his close connection to the Julien imperial house and thus to the legitimacy of his rule. In addition, Agrippina had been married to his brother Germanicus (d. AD 19), the famous military leader. In doing so, he also clearly distanced himself from the rule of his pre-predecessor Tiberius.

Brass sestertius, diameter 35 mm, struck in Rome between 52 and 54 AD. Replica in brass.


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