Sestertius of Vespasian (69-79 AD)


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Front head to the right, IMP(erator) CAES(ar) VESPASIAN AVG(ustus) P(ontifex) M(aximus) TR(ibunicia) P(otestas) P(ater) P(atriae) CO(n)S(ul) III
Back IVDAEA CAPTA. The mourning JUDAEA (personification of the conquered province) crouches to the right of a central palm tree, which can be understood both as a symbol of victory and as a geographical reference to the palm-rich Jordan Valley. To the left of the palm tree is a male figure with the armor and armament of a Roman soldier. The successful general himself is probably depicted here, looking out over the conquered province in a victorious pose. Below S(enatus C(onsulto).

Brass sestertius, diameter 31 mm, struck in Rome in 71 AD.

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