Kuvrat’s signet ring, mid 7th century AD


Signet Ring of Kuvrat

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Signet ring from the burial find of Malaja Perescepina, in which Kuvrat, kagan of the Onogur Bulgarians (died around 650), who was bestowed the dignity of “patricius” by the Byzantine emperor Heraclius in 635, was possibly buried. The Greek letters are interpreted as “Chobratou Patrikiou”. They are engraved in mirror image on the ring plate. One of his sons founded the “First Bulgarian Empire” in 681. From Malaya Perescepina near Poltava, Ukraine. Es handelt sich hierbei um einen der reichsten frühmittelalterlichen Grabfunde in Europa mit Objekten der persönlichen Ausstattung aus Edelmetall sowie umfangreiche Beigaben an Gold- und Silbergefäßen. The gold objects alone weighed around 20 kg. The grave was discovered in 1912. The ring was also made of gold.

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