As of Augustus (27 v. Chr. -14 n. Chr.)


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Obverse head to the right, CEASAR AUGUSTUS DIVI F(ili ) PATER PATRIAE.

Reverse ROM ET AUG(ustus). The “Ara trium Galliarum” (Altar of the Three Gallic Provinces) was a Roman sanctuary with a marble altar near Lugdunum (modern Lyon) dedicated to the goddess Roma and the Roman emperors. This site, built by Drusus, was the meeting place of the “Concilium provinciae”, the provincial council of the Gallic provinces, to which the Gallic tribes sent representatives. The task of the Parliament was the execution of the Emperor’s sacrifice and the organization of games in honor of the Emperor, the Emperor’s cult. In this way, the Gallic tribes testified to their loyalty to Rome.

As, bronze, diameter 25 mm, minted between 10-14 AD in Lugdunum.

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