Frankish brooch from Griesheim, mid 6th century AD.

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Brooch from Griesheim

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Francish bow brooch with runic inscription from the burial ground of Griesheim, Hessen, Germany. Original silver gold plated. The wealthy burial of the woman’s grave (including a gold disc brooch) also included two similar-looking bow brooches with runic engravings on the back. They were no longer legible on the other brooch, but on this one the male name KOLO and the female name AGILATRUD can be read clearly. Finds with runic inscriptions are very rare in Central Europe; mostly they were probably used as protective spells. This one obviously had an effect: the grave was in a part of the cemetery that had already been systematically plundered in Frankish times. Despite this valuable goods, the grave robbers apparently did not dare to steal these goods. Length 8,1 cm. Mid 6th century AD.

With strong pin made of spring hard bronze.

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