Roman shield nail, 1st to 3rd century AD


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Roman shield nail made of brass, as it was used for a long time from the 1st to the 3rd century AD. To do this, the nails were inserted through pre-drilled holes, and the tip of the nail was bent at an angle of 90° with pliers about 1 cm before the end. Then the entire protruding nail was folded over so that the shank lay flat on the back of the shield. The previously angled tip penetrade into the wood – the nail lies firmly on the back and can no longer move or twist. In addition, there is no longer any risk of injury from the nail tip. It should also be mentioned that the majority of these shield nails were made of tinned iron, but these nails often rusted away over the long period of time in the ground. Diameter of the domed head 2 cm, total length 6.4 cm.

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