Semis of Nero (54-68 AD)


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Obverse head to the left, NERO CLAVD(ius) CAESAR AVG(ustus) GERMANIC(us).

Reverse PONTIF(ex) MAX(imus) TR(ibunicia) POT(estate) IMP(erator) P(ater) P(atriae). Nero himself appears in the long flowing robe of Apollo Kitharoedos striding to the right and playing the kithara, which he holds in his left hand. Coins of this kind are also mentioned in Sueto (Nero 25, 2) : “(…) likewise he had statues erected showing him as a singer singing to the kithara. He also had coins minted with this effigy.”
Semis, brass, diameter 22 mm, minted in Rome 64 AD.



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